Our Inspection's and Guarantee

Our Service's and Guarantee

 We will check A/C filters at every clean and replace them monthly. All Jacuzzi tubs will be cleaned upon each guest checkout to ensure no mildew buildup within the lines. We will offer gift baskets for every stay at no extra charge.

 We will inspect the unit on the date of check-in and leave the entry light and music on so that the guest is welcomed to a comfortable environment. We will inspect the property after the cleaning crew has complete their job to ensure quality service every time. 

We will have a manager of the company on site while any member of our team is at work and to ensure security, all keys will be turned in at the end of every day to a senior team of management. A member of management will always be the last member on the property. This also helps ensure safety and security. We will help maintain all inventory within our control. Any items missing or broken will be reported to your team with a damage report and appropriate steps will be taken to fix or replace the item to ensure future guest are not missing anything from their unit. 

We will do our part to check the working order of all items within the unit (toasters, oven, hair dryer, ect…) and report if there may ne any issues so that every guest has every amenity offered buy your property. 

We will schedule weekly meetings with your management or at a frequency requested by you so that we can go over an issues, work orders or other pressing business. 

We offer a daily report of all activity our teams participated in. 

We will make a senior member of our management team available 7 days a week for any issues relating to our service. 

We will meet with our cleaners individually at least one a week for a morale booster as well as offer an incentive program to keep our teams excited about what we do. All soaps, detergents, paper towels and toilet paper will be controlled by a member of our management team and an inventory control system. All policies and procedures of your management and ours will be strictly enforced. 

We will be diligent in reporting any maintenance issues to help keep guests and owners complaints to a minimum. 

We will keep the doors of communication open between you, us, and our staff to ensure the standards of quality are met and exceeded every time a guests checks in. 

We will check with your office on a daily basis for any necessary changes or requests, including lost and found and customer relations. 

We will properly train our employees and have them dressed in the uniforms that have been provided to them by Moonshine Cleaners. Our employees are trained to work with an upbeat, respectful attitude and reflect such during any interaction with your staff, guests or owners. Our cleaners undergo a background check during the hiring process and that information can be viewed by your upper management upon request. 

We at Moonshine cleaners always give our best for the best.  

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